Caz has been a holistic practitioner since 2010.  She has trained in South East Asia and the U.K. Caz is a cranio-sacral therapist, meditation guide, oneness trainer, deeksha giver, siddha healer and crystal healer.  

Caz offers group guided meditation evenings on Tuesday's at IMBS. This has a maximum of four clients per session, to ensure a personalised approach. Each session includes a private consultation with Caz, whereby she will share various healing techniques for clients to use in their life. This is also an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements. She will also use deeksha (energy healing) in every session. Clients can expect a release of stress, healing, and a more mindful approach to living, a deepening awareness, more clarity, focus and to develop a more compassionate view as they continue these sessions with Caz.

Monday CST clinics with Caz are available at IMBS for babies, children and adults. CST is a light touch, non-invasive therapy. Caz will make various contacts on the client’s body, using her hands. There are no special clothing requirements for this treatment. Unlike massage, clients will be fully clothed during this therapy.

Caz is very experienced in treating people who are stressed, suffer with anxiety, trauma and those who need help to feel more balanced. She also has an interest in working with babies, children and adults who have had a traumatic birth. Birth trauma can be held in a client's system over their lifetime and can be successfully released at any age. CST can also help with colic for babies and a wide range of different symptoms; digestive disorders, ear infections, motion sickness, neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines, body re-alignment and so much more. Caz has had a few clients with the condition labyrinthitis (causing internal inflammation, vertigo and imbalance). After just a few CST sessions, one client's symptoms have disappeared. Caz has a mixture of clients that are babies, children and adults. Mothers often bring their babies for a joint session, which can work very well to bring harmony, healing and vitality to them both, therefore benefiting the whole family.