A customised facial based on your skin’s specific needs. Safe to have throughout your entire pregnancy as we do not use aromatherapy oils
Pregnancy massage
Our therapists are specially trained in pregnancy massage to ease away your aches and pains.
Can be performed after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
nurturing hydrotherm massage
Warm water filled cushions provide support and create a new dimension to massage. Completely safe and very supportive from your 12th week of pregnancy. Relieves tension all over the lower back, hips, knees and calves as your body changes to accommodate your baby.
first trimester treatment: new beginnings
This treatment includes an urban facial and a head & scalp massage focusing on pressure points to relieve your symptoms. This is then followed by a pedicure.
second trimester treatment: pregnancy pampering
Designed to relieve skin dryness due to stretching, stretch marks and hormonal changes. The treatment includes full body exfoliation and re hydration, followed by a facial.
third trimester treatment: me-time
A nurturing hydrotherm massage combined with reflexology on the hydrotherm system allows you to unwind and elevate you to a calm and restful state of mind. This is finished with a pedicure and polish. Designed to relieve symptoms of lower back pain, joint strain, constipation, tiredness, swelling and shortness of breath.
Gel maintenance manicure or pedicure
Your nails will be shaped, cuticles minimised and gel polish applied which remains chip free for up to 2 weeks with amazing shine.  Gel polish allows your nails to breathe and can even strengthen them.  No drying time is required as the polish is set using a UV lamp.
Luxury spa pedicure
A luxurious pedicure involving exfoliation of the lower legs and feet complete with massage.
Can be performed after 12 weeks.