strip waxing
The unique PHD Waxing System offers a treatment totally free of cross contamination. This is achieved through using the individually packaged applicator heads which are thrown away after your treatment, preventing cross contamination from one client to another. Its applicator head has a built in safety device to prevent the backflow of wax into the tube eliminating the risk of cross contamination.
Professional… hygenic… Disposable
Benefits for using PHD Waxing:-
  • PHD safe wax is a premium service
  • Range of wax suitable for all skin types
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Different applicators suitable for all areas
Is the only system which allows therapists to eliminate the risk of cross contamination
we use GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax A Non-Strip Formula for Sensitive
and Delicate Areas
  • Professionally removes unwanted body hair.
  • Designed for coarse hair, yet is gentle enough for use in sensitive and delicate areas.
  • No strips required.
  • Meets the demand for thorough hair removal during extreme bikini waxing.
  • Salon professionals look to GiGi products, confident that this complete hair removal system will ensure a successful experience for client.
all our therapists are professionally trained in intimate waxing - and we are the leader in SW for providing this treatment with the highest client return rate.
brazilian hot wax